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4Keith Richards had a blood transfusion to sober up


It's true, Keith Richards did indeed tell a journalist that he went to Switzerland and had his blood changed in an effort to sober up. He then later denied the whole thing claiming that he was just messing around and sick of answering the question. Keith got the idea from Marshall Chess who claims to have gone through an operation similar to that in Mexico. We're unsure as to whether or not this is even medically possible, but we can safely say that Keith Richards never underwent such a surgery.

3Lady Gaga is a Hermaphrodite


A few years back, footage was recorded of Lady Gaga getting off a motorcycle at a concert and revealing that she had a penis. Gaga went on record later on claiming that her dick was actually a strap on and that she had planned the whole thing, from her manly maneurisms onstage to the intentional lower range in her vocals.

2Marilyn Manson is Paul from The Wonder Years


This one dates back all the way to Christmas 1996. Young innocent boy turns into derranged rock star would make for great headlines but alas, Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) and Paul Pfeiffer (real name Josh Saviano) are actually two different people. To this day, Josh still receives the occasional e-mail asking him if he's both Kevin Arnold's best friend and the Antichrist Superstar.

Paul isn't Manson

1Ozzy Osbourne bit off a bat's head on stage


We needed one of the myths to be true. Ozzy Osbourne actually did bite the head off a bat during a live performance. Is he batshit insane for doing it? Not really. Ozzy thought the bat was plastic and sunk his teeth into a real, uncouncious bat, by accident. He was rushed to the hospital for rabbies shots right after.