7 More Embarrassingly Awful Songs

2 minute read

A while ago, we posted 5 incredibly awful songs that would deter intelligent alien species from visiting earth. It still blows our minds that record labels are handing out deals to these talentless bands. Today, we've got 7 more horrible tracks that have been brought to our attention since the last article. We're not sure how much more abuse our ears can handle so this may be the last in this series.

Caution: The following tracks may cause your ears to implode.

Chuggo - Ah C'mon

Forget every single public service announcement ever made; this song should be played to kids early on to show them why they should stay in school. Don't grow up and be like Chuggo, please!

Embarrassing Lyric: "I don't trust nobody, that's why I don't blink"

Rebecca Black - Friday

This is what happens when a chipmunk uses autotune. The lyrics sound like they're went through five rounds of broken telephone and then processed through Google Translate.

Embarrassing Lyric: "Yesterday was Thursday, Today it is Friday, [...] tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards"

Soulja Boy - What's Hannenin'

It was hard to decide if What's Hannenin' should even be considered a song or not. It's essentially a typo that's stuck in a loop on a faulty music player.

Embarrassing Lyric: "What's Hannenin'"

Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh

Red Hot Entertainment are very serious when it comes to fast food. Pro tip: Don't offer them any Pizza Hut.

Embarrassing Lyric: "Special Mayonaise, 20 more pense"

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome - My Town

The seizure I got while watching this music video was more enjoyable than the song. It takes something really special to make me hate a video that has a unicorn with laser eyes in it.


Fugative - Supafly

Okay, I'll admit, I only lasted maybe a minute into this song before I couldn't take it anymore. It was around the part where he's talking about his UK flag while wearing a Yankees cap.

Embarrassing Lyric: "My style so fresh, my sneaks freeze the floor"

Jenna Rose & Baby Triggy - My Jeans

Everything about this video is obnoxious. Sorry Jenna, maybe you should wait till you hit puberty before filtering your voice through autotune.

Embarrassing Lyric: "A-B-C, 1-2-3, That girl wore her jeans like me"