The Rolling Stones will NOT have a 50th anniversary show

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July 12, 1962 was a historic day for "Rock N Roll" music -- as it was referred to as back then. On that memorable night, six men took stage in a little jazz bar known as the Marquee Club. "The Rollin Stones" were billed as the performers for the night. If you do the math, you'll quickly realize that next year will mark the 50th anniversary of that historic performance. For a band to be around for a decade is quite the feat, for a half a century it's practically a miracle. What kind of magnificent event are The Rolling Stones planning to commemorate this achievement? A show on Mars? Nope. A show at Wembley? Nope. A show.. in general? Nope. All the band wants is a crummy little plaque to celebrate.

In an interview with Contact Music Mick said:

"Maybe we could go back to the Marquee to accept a plaque for 50 years of service instead of a tour. That could work - except Keith obviously can't come. Charlie Watts (not in the band at the time) can come but he wouldn't get the plaque obviously"

Mick Jagger still hasn't forgiven fellow member Keith Richards for making fun oh his.. err.. member back in 2007 in the autobiography Life. We've seen stupid grudges before but to not play a show for your 50th anniversary over a childish remark? Come on!

Jagger may still be refusing to make amends with Richards but here's hoping to them settling this dispute as the big date approaches.