The Battle of the Sexiest Songs: LMFAO vs Right Said Fred

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For the longest time, 90s Euro popstars Right Said Fred, have been proud to have the sexiest song of all time in their discography with I'm Too Sexy. This past September, LMFAO challenged Right Said Fred by releasing their own steamy track: Sexy and I Know It. We know music theologists will have long debates for decades to come over which of the two songs is sexier. Today, we're giving them a hand by releasing the Battle Of The Sexy Songs infographic.

As you can see, we've taking a very scientific approach to figuring out the soon-to-be age old question. We've tallied the amount of "sexy"s present in each tracks, compared their use of sexy moves, accessories, locales, hairstyles and more.

Sexiest Song

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Verdict: Tie. At the moment, we are unable to scientifically figure out which song is sexier and we will require more time to run our studies and ressearch.