Craziest Things Courtney Love Has Said and Done

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Courtney Love vs Frances Bean Cobain

  • When she was 17, Frances Bean Cobain had to file a restraining order against Love. She was put into the care of Kurt's mother, Wendy O'Connor.
  • In the restraining order, Frances Bean reported that Courtney Love's drug addiction let to the death of her cat and dog. The dog died after swallowing some sleeping pills. Love retaliated by claiming that a Mountain Lion killed the cat.

Courtney Love vs Dave Grohl

  • Courtney Love accused Dave Grohl of trying to seduce Frances Bean Cobain so that he can be closer to Kurt Cobain. FBC denied it.
  • In a rant on Twitter, Courtney Love said that she wanted Dave Grohl to be killed and that she'd shoot him dead. 
  • She blamed Dave Grohl for authorizing Kurt Cobain's likeness in Guitar Hero which tainted his legacy. Since then, it was later discovered that she was the one who did so but had forgotten.

Courtney Love's Lawsuits and Problems with the Law

  • After a legal dispute with her old landlady, Love had to use U2's Bono as a reference in order to secure a new Manhattan condo.
  • She was sued for $113,000 for borrowing jewelry for a charity event and never returning it.
  • Designer Dawn Simorangkit filed a $430,000 lawsuit against Love for defamatory comments posted on Twitter. 
  • She was sentenced to an anger management class after punching Kathleen Hanna in the face during Lollapalooza in 1995.
  • She was ordered to be on good behavior for a month by an Australian court after verbally abusing a flight attendant.
  • In 2005, Love was arrested after throwing a microphone stand into the crowd and hitting someone.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

  • Neil Strauss revealed that Courtney Love offered the writer the chance to snort Kurt Cobain's ashes.
  • In 1992, Vanity Fair reported that Courtney Love took heroine while pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain.
  • She has a weird fascination with noses. She claimed that Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain had the best noses in rock. Regarding her break up with Billy Corgan for Kurt Cobain, she stated "Billy's nose wasn't that bad, but I was all about mating for a nose".
  • She somehow managed to lose Kurt's ashes. She claimed that they were stolen from her Los Angeles home.

Courtney Love being Courtney Love

  • Courtney Love claimed that she was Lindsay Lohan's sober coach. Linday's publicist denied it.
  • Love got drunk during a Hole performance and flashed the audience in Brazil.
  • She showed up to a New York Times interview naked and drunk.
  • Before Cobain, Love married Falling's vocalist, James Moreland as a joke. He was a transvestite.
  • She drunkenly interrupted a live interview with Madonna in 1995 for a nonsensical rant