What's That Song From The BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial? - Page 2

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A few weeks ago, Research In Motion released the BlackBerry Playbook. As part of their advertising campaign, they released a commercial featuring a song that sounded very familiar. Still, it left many wondering, what is the name of the song in the BlackBerry Playbook commercial?

Check out the commercial below to see if it rings a bell.

The song is called Brass in Pocket (I'm Special) from the band The Pretenders.

Brass in Pocket comes off of The Pretenders' 1980 self-titled debut studio album. Initially lead singer Chrissy Hynde didn't want to release the song. According to an interview she did with the Observer in 2004, she said, "When we recorded the song I wasn't very happy with it and told my producer that he could release it over my dead body, but eventually persuaded me". It's a good thing that she changed her mind because it ended up being one of their biggest hits.

Check out the full version of Brass in Pockets below.

The Pretenders -Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)

Oh, wait, that wasn't the commercial you were talking about? Was it this one?

The song featured in this Playbook commercial is a remix of The Temptations song, Power. Released in 1980, the song comes off of their album also titled Power. The album was the first release from the band after they were released from their contract with Atlantic Records. Being dropped from their label was a bump in the road for the band, but that didn't stop them. They re-signed with Motown and went back to the studio releasing Power. The single Power reached #11 on the R&B charts. Listen to the original version below.

The Temptations - Power

Still looking for the name of a song featured in a Blackberry Playbook commercial? Check out page 2 to see if it's there.

If the PlayBook commercial that you had in mind wasn't on the first page, perhaps it's one of the commercials below. This commercial is titled Flash, we'll tell you who it's by after the video.

Appropriately titled, Flash, is by British rockers, Queen. The song was originally written for the Flash Gordon movie in 1980. Since then, the song has been sampled and covered by artists like Public Enemy and My Chemical Romance and it has been used during many different sporting events. Enjoy the official video for the song below.

Queen - Flash

Titled Bridge, the following commercial was released to promote the bridge capabilities with the Playbook, check it out and we'll tell you the name of the song below.

This song is by Canned Heat and is called Let's Work Together. Originally, Wilbert Harrison recorded the song, but Canned Heat released their version in 1970. Since its release, Bob Dylan, Dwight Yoakham, K.T.Tunstall and many more have released their own versions of the song. Check out Canned Heat's version below.

Let's Work Together - Canned Heat