Lana Del Rey gets a Second Chance On American Idol

1 minute read

Lana Del Rey made her TV debut on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago but unfortunately, her appearance wasn't greeted with much praise. Her voice was off that night, especially compared to her albums and music videos. Many have begun to doubt that singer's vocal abilities while others are claiming that the pressure of playing on live TV was just too much for a newcomer. Either way, her tour was cancelled but today, we've gotten word that she might be getting a second chance to redeem herself on national television.

Tickets for the March 15, 2012 taping of American Idol have the singer's name printed on them. She is scheduled to perform among Demi Lovato and Daughtry. It comes as a huge surprise considering that the cancellations of her tour was attributed to the need for her to practice more.

We'll find out for sure if she'll be playing tomorrow or the network neglected to remove her name from the tickets.