What's That Song From The Hugo Boss Red Commercial?

1 minute read

Hugo boss has done it again - not only have they released a brand new fragrance called Red, they've also decided to reuse the eye candy that is Jared Leto in their latest TV spot. The last time Leto was featured in a Hugo Boss commercial, a track from Band of Horses was used. This time around it's a little harder to figure out the name of the song because there are no vocals. Check out the commercial below, an we'll tell you who we think it's by just after.

While we have very little to go on, we're pretty sure that the track featured in this commercial is Switchblade Smiles by Kasabian. Give the full song a listen below and judge for yourself. If you think we've got it wrong, let us know in the comments section.

Kasabian - Switchblade Smiles