Best Covers of Imagine By John Lennon

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Imagine, originally created by John Lennon, helped define an era. Many have tried to capture the emotion, the message and the brilliant simplicity of the tune; a few have been successful but many have failed. UpVenue has decided to look at a few of these attempts - fourteen to be exact, from many genres. Let's check them out.

But first, the original:

And without further ado, the covers.

David Bowie (Regular Cover)

Pros: Respectfully done.
Cons: The backup singers take away from Bowie’s performance.

Our Lady Peace (Regular Cover)

Pros: Raine Maida’s distinctive voice in addition to the participation of the crowd contribute to a pretty good cover.
Cons: Arrangement doesn’t differ enough from the original.

A Perfect Circle (Rock)

Pros: Song is performed in a minor key, adding a darker, unhappier vibe. Excellent execution.
Cons: It finishes too quickly.

Diana Ross (Pop)

Pros: Although Diana Ross can be a fairly powerful singer, she lends a gentler, more appropriate voice to the song.
Cons: The arrangement is cheesy.

Gregorian (Chant)

Pros: It’s well done Gregorian chant. Very unique.
Cons: The singing could be louder; the arrangement overpowers the singing.

David Archuleta (Pop)

Pros: Nice arrangement, interesting note changes and stylistic additions.
Cons: David’s signature breathiness is distracting.

Avril Lavigne (Regular Cover)

Pros: Having artists like Avril Lavigne can introduce younger audiences to classics such as this.
Cons: No deviation from the original, which is disappointing from the Canadian pop-punk princess.

Queen (Regular Cover)

Pros: Great cover, Freddie Mercury makes it his own.
Cons: It's a short cover. The sound quality is not amazing but it was recorded live in the 80s so…

Live (Rock)

Pros: Smooth transition back-and-forth from the standard arrangement to a rock version.
Cons: None. I know, I’m surprised too.

Imatronic (Electronic)

Pros: If you’re looking for a video of people hanging around a swimming pool, this is your lucky day.
Cons: It makes me want to rip off my ears. I doubt this is what John imagined when this song was created. Listen to it yourself if you don’t believe me.

DBHS Marquis (A Capella Choir)

Pros: The harmonies are nice
Cons: The soloist and choir are a little out of sync at times.

Nas (Rap)

Pros: Sounds good. Despite the rap additions, the song maintains its original tone.
Cons: It's not the complete song.

Cachicamo con Caspa (Latin)

Pros: It’s definitely original
Cons: I’m not sure whether or not this is supposed to be a joke.

Lzy (Pop/Rock)

Pros: The Polish pop/rock band produce a unique take on the song.
Cons: It's difficult to get into the melody at first.