Best Final Countrown Covers

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Back in 1986, Europe introduced their biggest, and most famous hit, "The Final Countdown". It was more cheesy than the moon, more synthesized than the oil in my car and its corniness represented everything that made the 80s so damn awesome. The 5 minutes and 11 seconds of sheer greatness have since transformed the song into a cult classic. Even today, The Final Countdown can be heard in various movies, tv shows, at sporting events and is often used as a ringtone. We've decided to look at various covers, ranging from bad to very bad, of The Final Countdown tunanana.. tunananana..

Editor's Note: Because no cover will ever capture the epic nature of the original "Final Countdown", we will not list any pros in this article.

The Original

The London Symphony Orchestra

Cons: Come on! No lyrics? Are they heading for Venus? Will they stand tall? We'll never know.


Cons: This one is kind of creepy, it's got a dance beat but the singer sounds like he belongs in a prison.

Vision Divine

Cons: As generic as the band and this comment.


Cons: I'd rather have Paul Anka sing this. Yes, the Paul Anka.

Toy Dolls

Cons: We're not sure that they're taking the finite nature of the countdown very seriously.

Operacion Mutante

Cons: We would rather have these terrorist wannabes finish their game of online Halo than perform this cover.


Cons: The singer sounds like a pissed off cockroach.


Cons: See the above comment, replace "cockroach" with "Skeletor on acid".

Kazookeylele Cover

Cons: Ukuleles, kazoos and pianos... oh my. I'm sorry but i can't possibly hate on this one and that in itself is a con.

Beatmania Remix

Cons: I think i just had a seizure.

The "It's so Bad it's Good" Cover

Cons: It's so bad, it's good. It's the Final, Final Countdown.

The 20 Song Compilation

Apparently, someone has just as much free time on their hands as I do, here's a compilation of 20 covers.

Wait, you've actually listened through all of these covers? Here's a gift to help spread The Final Countdown joy, Free ringtones!

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