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4Eagles of Death Metal

In 2006, Eagles of Death Metal were selected by Tommy Stinson as the opening act for Guns 'N Roses. After arriving more than 30 minutes late, Axl didn't hesitate to call the Eagles "Pigeons of Shit Metal". After hearing that, Tommy Stinson said "fuck you, that's it". Axl then took Tommy's bass and threw it at him. He also kicked a few members of the audience out. So why the huge uproar by Axl? Because the band, namely Josh Homme, was good friends with Dave Grohl (more on that later).

Level of Axl Douchebaggery: 9/10

3James Hetfield, Metallica and all of Montreal

Back in 1992, Metallica was playing a set at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. During the song Fade to Black there was a mishap with the pyrotechnics which burned James Hetfield; he was rushed to the hospital. Guns 'N Roses took stage but there were a few problems with the stage monitors. Axl became furious, claimed his throat hurt, and he left the stage. The Montreal crowd became irate and riots broke out all over Montreal.

Tensions grew between James and Axl. During an interview with Rolling Stone, James said: "They're a different type of band - and I use the word band loosely. It's a guy and some other guys." Axl retorted by claiming that James was racist.

Level of Axl Douchebaggery 9/10

2Kurt Cobain (and all of Nirvana Really, and Courtney Love)

In the early 90s, Axl had asked Kurt Cobain if Nirvana could open up for Guns N' Roses to which Kurt declined. At the 1992 MTV VMAs, Courtney Love asked Rose if he wanted to be Frances Bean's godfather. Axl told Kurt to tell his "bitch" to shut up. Kurt complied which pissed off Axl even more. He threatened the Nirvana frontman and challenged him to a fight. Kurt was holding his baby daughter in his arms during the incident.

Level of Axl Douchebaggery: 10/10

1Slash (and anyone who has ever been involved with Guns 'N Roses)

Clearly, the biggest feud Axl has been in is with Guns 'n Roses former guitarist, Slash. Axl has gone on record stating that Slash is "cancer, better removed and avoided",  the duo would both die before a reunion would occur and Slash should have left after Gun's n Roses' album Lies. Somehow, I have a feeling that Axl is a bit bitter towards Slash. So why the bad blood? In the mid 90s, Axl replaced Slash's guitar track with that of his childhood friend, Paul Tobias in a cover of Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil for the soundtrack of Interview With The Vampire. Slash got upset and left the band. In February of 2011, Slash went on record and stated that if Axl we're to call him an apologize, all would be forgiven and he'd reunite and reform Guns 'n Roses. Axl still refuses.

Level of Axl Douchebaggery: 11/10

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