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9Hole - Malibu

While it was released in 1998, Malibu was actually written before Courtney Love's husband Kurt Cobain had committed suicide . The song was about his stay at a rehab clinic in the city. It's one of Hole's most successful songs.

Choice lyric: "Oh baby, fly away, yeah, to Malibu"

8Tom Petty - Free Fallin'

Sure you've probably heard this one a few too many times by now but hearing Free Fallin' while in California is the only way to experience the song.

Choice lyric: "I wanna glide down over Mulholland, I wanna write her name in the sky"

7Katy Perry - California Gurls

In a rather unusual collaboration, Katy Perry had teamed with Snoop Dogg for California Gurls which is surprisingly really catch and it works.

Choice lyric: "California girls, We're unforgettable."

6The Doors - LA Woman

Next to a dry cleaners off Laurel Canyon Hills on Love street you'll find Jim Morrison's former LA residence. From there, you'll probably want to listen to this track while doing the short drive to Whiskey a Go-Go where the late singer used to perform.

Choice lyric: "I see your hair is burnin', Hills are filled with fire, If they say I never loved you, You know they are a liar"

5Led Zeppelin - Going to California

Here are two lesser known facts about Led Zeppelin's Going To California. First, Page wrote this when he was 22 and it was originally about Californian earthquakes. Second, the song is allegedly about the Canadian singer Joni Mitchell.

Choice lyric: "Made up my mind to make a new start, Going To California with an aching in my heart."

4Weezer - Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is one of the only places where you'll find more gardeners than actual residents. The city is stunning but as River Cuomo reminds us: "It's something that you're born into".

Choice lyric: "Beverly Hills - That's where I want to be!"

3The Eagles - Hotel California

Here's a pro tip, if you're ever singing what you think are the lyrics to Hotel California while trying to find the real hotel, you're going to be rather disappointed; Much like Santa Claus, elves and affordable beach housing in California, Hotel California simply doesn't exist.

Choice lyric: "Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)"