Coachalla Unlocks God Mode: Introducing Oldchella

1 minute read

About a month ago, rumours began to surface that an all-star boomer rock festival was in the works by the Coachella organizers, Goldenvoice. The supposed acts were going to include Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, Bod Dylan, Roger Waters and Neil Young. Fast forward a month later and now all of the acts, minus Neil have all but confirmed Oldchella. According to the teaser trailers, the festival should be happening this October and presumably on the Coachella grounds. Furthermore, according to the somewhat vindicated original rumors, the bands will perform using their full stage setups and perform entire sets. This is all the info that we have so far but it's more than enough to make this a must-see concert. Long live #oldchella.

Here are the teasers that each band has posted on their Facebook pages: