Chad Smith is Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell is Chad Smith

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Celebrity lookalikes aren’t exactly a rarity -- People look like other people all the time. We’ve got over 6 billion people on this rock, chances are that someone else is sporting your ugly mug too. When you’re the drummer for a huge rock band, it’s only natural that you’ll get some fans come up to you and ask you to sign their tits. What isn’t fun is when you sign your name and their reaction is “Who the f*ck is Chad?”.

Welcome to Chad Smith’s life, the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You see, Chad has the unfortunate problem of looking identical to Ron Burgundy. Sure he’ll get the occasional stoner who will walk up to him and say, “woah… it’s Chad.. can you sign my arm maaannn”, but for every one of those, he’ll get five overexcited women saying “holy shit, I loved you in Zoolander”.

Denial Attempts

In an effort to try and fool the world, Chad showed up on the Tonight Show with his other band, Chickenfoot, and was seen sporting a “I Am Not Will Ferrell” shirt. Sure Chad, we believe you! More recently, one of his fans showed him a picture she made of him dressed like Ron Burgundy saying “I’m not Chad Smith”. This is going viral, we can sense it.

The Classic Stunt Double Trick

We’ve all seen this happen on TV and in movies. Superman saves the world, Clark Kent is nowhere to be seen, Lois Lane turns around and there he is adjusting his tie with his glasses half off. What about Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, have they ever crossed paths? Apparently they have. Several years back, during the filming of The Ladies Man, Chad and Will Ferrell were both at the after party. They both turned around at the same time, stared at each other, and Ferrell said “You’re very handsome”.

Verdict - Is Chad Smith really Will Ferrell?

Did this really happen? Were the two both spotted at the same place at the same? Are Will Ferrell and Chad Smith really two separate entities? We’re not convinced; this event did take place in Hollywood afterall.