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4Pearl Jam - Alive

According to frontman Eddie Vedder, Alive is part fictional, part real. It tells the story of a teen who finds out that his father was really his step dad and that his biological one was dying. Fun fact: Alive is actually part one of a three song trilogy: after Alive, listen to Pearl Jam's Once and then Footsteps for the full story.

Choice Lyric: "What you thought was your daddy, was nothing but a (lie).."

3Neil Young - Old Man

This classic by Neil Young tells of a man who begins to realize that he's become very much like his father: Alone and in need of company.

Choice Lyric: "Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you,
I need someone to love me, the whole day through"

2Morrissey - The Father Who Must Be Killed

The song by Morrissey gets a 10 on 10 for subtlety. In case you didn't realize, sarcasm is pretty hard to portray online.

Choice Lyric: "Stepchild, there's a knife in a drawer in a room downstairs
And you, you know what you must do"

1Harry Chaplin - Cat's In the Cradle

Cat's In The Cradle is told by the father's perspective. It's about a dad who chronically makes broken promises to his son. In the end, the son grows up and promises to visit his father but never does which brings us to the choice lyric below..

Choice Lyric: "My boy was just like me"