Low Anthem Explain Hiatus And New Album Plans [Interview]

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A few hours prior to opening up for City and Colour in front of a sold out Montreal crowd, The Low Anthem took the time to have a chat with us. We talked about their plans for after this tour, being on the Hunger Games soundtrack, their Motholgy blog, and more.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

The Low Anthem Talks About The Future Of The Band

We're not doing anymore headline tours, or headline shows until we take like a nice extended break to work on a bunch of new material that we've been working on. There's three different collections of songs, well it depends on how you break them up, but there's a lot of songs that we want to work on, we just got this dream studio set up in Providence, in Rhode Island and so where our mind is to go back there and work on those projects. There's some sculpture projects also that we're working on, and some projects designing a few new instruments that we want to try to build.

What Other Projects Can Fans Of The Low Anthem Check Out

There's the Mothology blog. I would recommend that people check out a blog that I'm doing about this sculpture project that's kind of related to the music, but is kind of it's own thing, and you can find it on our website. There's a little butterfly, and you can click on it and it goes to this blog that shows a project that I'm doing with a local artist in Rhode Island, and we're making a strobe light based three dimensional animation. These moths spin around on a wheel and are hit by, alluminated by different strobe lights at different angles that create the perception of fluid motion. There are also bells and whistles and other sweet features that we're building on. But thats just a fun way to do something that's not touring […] that might factor into the next record also, cause we might write some music to accompany the sculpture.

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