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Prior to hitting the stage at Montreal's Warped Tour, we had the chance to speak with Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade. We chatted about the importance of music education in schools, the downside of touring, and what's next for the band.

A few highlights from our chat can be found below along with the full video interview.

How Important Is Music Education In Schools Nowadays?

I think it's super important. I think it's something that everybody can relate to, and it really is, you know, can really help people, and it can be therapeutic. I think it certainly helped me, and it's the only thing I'm really passionate about or feel that I'm really good enough about, so I'm happy that I was introduced to it at a pretty young age to start getting involved with it. So I think it's huge. Really important.

You Took More Control With This Album, Is That Why You Guys Decided To Make It Self Titled?

Yeah, absolutely. There were kind of a few reasons, but the main one was I think we kind of, we feel like we locked it in with this album, and made it the right way. And we just figured out what we want, and what we don't want as a band, and we just kind of know who were are now, so that's kind of a statement with Mayday Parade.

After Warped You Have a Few More Tour Dates, But After That, What's Next?

We'll start working on a new album once touring is done for this year. We'll stay pretty busy for the rest of the year with touring, and I think maybe December of January, I don't, we'll start getting together writing the next album.

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