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4Blind Melon – No Rain

While their debut album’s sales were subpar at launch, the release of the “No Rain” single is what Blind Melon needed to achieve great success. The video for the song featured the young beloved “Bee Girl”  (also seen on the album’s cover) who was humiliated off stage during a talent show. After some meticulous Google searching on our part, we can confirm that Bee Girl grew up to be a-ok.

3Prince - Purple Rain

When you think of Prince, the first song that should pop to mind is the 1984 hit, Purple Rain (from the album and the movie of the same name). The lyrics allude to an apologetic man who tries to comfort his lover following a love affair with another woman. Prince played the song during a Superbowl halftime show where ironically, it began to downpour in the stadium. Sources from the event claim that the rain was not purple.

2Garbage - I’m only Happy When It Rains

Before she was a T-1000 in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Shirley Manson (unrelated to Charles or Marilyn) was the lead singer of the American rock band, Garbage. Despite their name, Garbage was anything but. They had many successful songs ranging from “I Think I’m Paranoid” which can also be found in the videogame Rock Band, to “Stupid Girl” and of course, the song we’re featuring here “I’m Only Happy When it Rains”.

1The Doors - Riders On The Storm

With rain and thunder effects as well as rain drop sounds emulated via a piano in the song, The Doors’ classic hit, Riders On The Storm, is our top choice in this top ten list. The song is an allusion to the killings of the notorious Billy Cook who murdered a family while pretending to be a hitchhiker. Riders On The Storm was the last song recorded by the original The Doors members.

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