Who is the Pink Bunny at the Green Day Show?

3 minute read

If you have been to a Green Day concert in the past few years, you know about the pink bunny that graces the stage before the band comes on. But who is the pink bunny? Why does he taunt us with his mysterious ways?

If you don't already know him, take a moment to get acquainted:

So who puts on the fluffy pink suit, day in and day out? We're going to get to the bottom of this. Let's go through the suspects, shall we?

Suspect #1 - Green Day Crew Member

Possible evidence: In theory, the bunny could be anyone who tours with Green Day, so once the bunny has done its thing onstage, the person inside the suit could change, sit back, and enjoy the concert.

Why it is most likely not a crew member: In Montreal, once the bunny had warmed up the crowd, we spotted it hurrying to the tour bus, presumably to change. Green Day went onstage with enough time for the bunny to change into regular clothes and walk back to the stage with the rest of the band.

Suspect #2 - Billie Joe Armstrong

Possible evidence: The pink bunny is quite familiar with physical comedy; as is Billie Joe. Known to moon the crowd regularly and wear bras on his head during a performance, Billie Joe will go to great lengths to get a reaction from the audience. Also, he is not opposed to wearing bunny ears when the mood strikes, so we know he isn't anti-bunny.

Why it is most likely not Billie Joe: The hands. It's all about the hands. Upon close inspection of the pink bunny, I have noticed that he doesn't sport any hand tattoos. On the other hand (no pun intended), Billie Joe wears his heart on his sleeve - or finger, in this case; on his right ring finger, you'll find the logo for Adeline Street, the company run by him and his wife, Adrienne. Let's do a side-by-side comparison.

Suspect #3 - Jason White

Possible evidence: Jason has no hand tattoos, and he has the approximate height and body shape of the bunny.

Why it is most likely not Jason: Jason has never demonstrated that kind of personality, the slapstick humor, the excessive drinking, and everything else the pink bunny stands for.

Suspect #4 - Jeff Matika (touring guitarist)

Possible evidence: Jeff doesn't appear to have any hand tattoos.

Why it is most likely not Jeff: While less is known about Jeff than the other members, it cannot be him, as the pink bunny existed long before Jeff started touring with Green Day.

Suspect #5 - Mike Dirnt

Possible evidence: Mike has no hand tattoos.

Why it is most likely not Mike: Mike and the bunny have different body types; Mike is tall and thin, while the bunny is shorter and appears to have a stockier frame. Also, when you watch videos of Mike, even candid ones, his brand of subtler humor isn't a match with our pink friend.

Suspect #6 - Jason Freese (touring support)

Possible evidence: Jason does not appear to have any hand tattoos.

Why it is most likely not Jason: Jason's body type doesn't match that of the bunny; he is too thin, and appears to be of similar height as Mike. If Mike can't be the pink bunny, neither can Jason Freese.

Suspect #7 - Tre Cool

Possible evidence: Tre has no hand tattoos and his body type fits that of the person in the bunny suit. There have been rumors that, on occasion, when the pink bunny takes a particularly large swig of beer, it is possible to see that the costumed person has light-colored hair. Also, Tre is notorious for his crazy antics. See below for proof.

Why it is most likely not Tre: I've got nothing. Everything about this bunny screams Tre Cool. Obviously, the members of Green Day have no issue wearing costumes (see photos of Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network, or even the video for Holiday for examples); this fact caused us to focus on the band members as prime suspects. While no one outside of Green Day's friends and families know for sure, the evidence points firmly at Tre.