What's The Song From the Apple Watch Commercial?

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The Apple Watch is just around the corner and the company has already began to aggresively push their upcoming device. One of the most popular ways the company has historically used to promote their hardware has always been through Apple’s iconic commercials. The ads have always featured catchy songs from indie bands and the Apple Watch commercial is no exception.

The Apple Watch Commercial

The first commercial Apple has released for the Apple Watch (yes it’s not called an iWatch) is appropriately named The Watch Reimagined. The ad begins with a clapping metronome-like sound and then shifts into this great catchy beat.

What’s the song from the Apple Watch commercial?

The song is Running Behind from the rising duo known as Holychild. Running Behind is shown iplaying n the music app on the watch in the commecial for you eagle eyed viewers out there (see the cover image of this article for proof). The version from the commercial doesn’t feature the lyrics. As you'll see below, the album version is even catchier, or at least, I think so. Holychild’s first album, The Shape of Brat Pop To Come, is due out on June 2nd 2015. As for the watch, look for it in stores on April 24th.