Shocker - Michael Jackson Did Not Sing on The Simpsons

1 minute read

After years of speculation as to whether or not the late King of Pop lent his vocals out for an episode of The Simpsons, we can finally put the rumor to rest. While it was strongly believed that Michael Jackson had voiced Leon Kompowsky, a large white man who pretended that he was MJ, it turns out that the person voicing the impersonator was also an, wait for it.. impersonator.

Confused yet?

It's pretty simple, the real Micheal Jackson wrote the song "Happy Birthday Lisa" for a Simpsons episode back in 1991. Due to a contract clause with Sony, he was unable to actually sing the song on the show. Instead, he hired Kipp Lennon, a Micheal Jackson impersonator to play the role of the big white mental patient who sung the tune on the show.

Yeardly Smith, the actress who plays the role of Lisa Simpson, the recipient of the song confirmed the above earlier today. Lisa turned 8 years old back in 1991, which would make her 28 right now if the show allowed its characters to age.